8kg Organic & Seasonal Beef Box


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Our ‘Nose to Tail’ Beef Boxes contain 8kg of 100% Pasture Raised Black Angus Beef.

Each box contains a selection of Prime Cuts and Secondary Cuts from the entire animal.
There is minimal to no wastage as all parts of the carcass are used.
Your beef box brings together a wide selection of cuts including:

  • Scotch Fillet,
  • Eye Fillet
  • T-bone (eye fillet on the bone)
  • Rump
  • Beef Roast
  • Silverside Roast
  • Diced Beef
  • Stir-Fry Strips
  • Sausages
  • Premium Mince
  • Burgers

aswell as a portion of secondary cuts as part of our ‘Nose to Tail’ philosophy.


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Product Description

Sold Out till further notice

Our Nose to Tail Beef Boxes are available seasonally throughout the year.

We raise all our Black Angus Beef year round on fresh pasture following an ethical, regenerative and planned holistic method of farming practices. We choose to produce premium, high-quality beef from animals that are given the utmost care and freedom to graze on natural pastures. We allow the land to regenerate always leaving 100% ground cover, 100% of the time. Our animals are the key to healing the grasslands on our farm. Moving in the same way as the migrating herds of the African plains do, our cattle are eating, trampling, fertilizing and renewing the landscape as they move through it.

Once our cattle are ready for market, we process and dry age our Black Angus Beef for a minimum of 14 days locally in Kyneton to minimise food miles and ensure our beef is a truly locally grown and produced product.

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