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Six generations of farming and land stewardship

LANDING in Australia after farming in Ireland, our great, great Grandfather John White settled in this district 150  years ago.

Today, we are immensely proud to still be here on the land carrying on our family’s heritage. Each generation has gathered knowledge from the last and we have been able to build on caring for this land and its environments.

We have also brought the farm full circle working in harmony with nature and farming organically since 2005.

Sam, as farm manager has walked down many roads looking for the best ways to farm without the use of chemicals on the land and in the animals and has found salvation with Planned Holistic Grazing Management.

This is an all encompassing way to live and farm. Looking at the property, its animals and its people as a ‘whole’. The cattle are a tool for creating biodiverse pastures as they are one of the best animals to be able to efficiently recycle nutrients and keep important nature cycles working well.

We run our cattle as one herd, much the same as the large grazing herds of the African plains. They pressure soil, trample, manure and create an environment for new life before moving on to a fresh place. All the while long ‘recovery’ is allowed to take place on the land they have walked increasing biodiversity and water quality.

This is such a lovely way to farm. Healthy cattle, healthy landscapes whilst striving for a profitable business in a world dominated by mass production and poison.


We use broad-acre sustainable organic/biodynamic/non-chemical/no-hormone practices.

Our cattle graze freely on natural pastures, which we allow to regenerate via organic mulching, topping and resting paddocks to encourage soil restoration.

Farm Manager, Sam White